Oz Manouche 2014


OzManouche 2014 Countdown

Dear Folk Brisbane

Only 37 sleeps till OzManouche IX – and counting!

Thursday night 27th November will see the debut of Brisbane combo Salon de Swing, featuring Miranda Deutsch on guitar, Jan van Dijk on violin and Peter Walters bass. They’ll be playing some exciting material. They’re followed by .. well by me .. 🙂 – it’s a bit hard being the guy sending the email AND the guy you’re talking up, so I’ll just say that Miranda and Jan will be joining me for a journey into mostly original tunes from my new CD, which should be ready by then. We’ll also have Rick Caskey on bass. I’m really looking forward to sharing the music with you.
Next email – a rundown on Friday night’s lineup!!
All the musicians playing at OzManouche share a love for the fiery romance that is Jazz Manouche.
Full programme is on the website – see the link at right.
Tickets are now on sale at the Brisbane Jazz Club website.
See you there!

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