Rebecca Wright gigs

Here we are, almost in November already! Our countdown for our trip to Scotland seemed to go from 22 weeks to 22 days in the blink of an eye. Has your year been a bit like this too? I’m glad to say though, ours has been filled with wonderful musical opportunities and these next few weeks are no different. We’ve just returned from a fabulous Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival and are gearing up for our final Australian gigs for the year. Donald and I will be played as part of ‘Mark Cryle & The Civil Union’ last Saturday night and joined our musical mates in a special concert with The Folk Choir and Brisbane Celtic Fiddle Club on Sunday afternoon. If you happen to have friends or family in Scotland, let them know we’ll be there soon!

Rebecca 🙂

November Gigs

Fri 7th Nov – Grill’d West End – Rebecca solo
6:30pm – 8:30pm, free

November – December 2014 – Scotland Tour
(for further details see

Tues Nov 25th – The Star Folk Club, Glasgow

Thurs Dec 4th – Falkirk Folk Club

Mon Dec 8th – Stirling Folk Club

Tues Dec 7th – Leith Folk Club – supporting Gilly McKenzie 

Wed Dec 10th – Edinburgh Folk Club – supporting the Whistlebinkies

Thurs Dec 11th – Houston Folk Club


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