Festival of Small Halls in Beerwah

Thursday December 11 at 7pm at Beerwah Community Hall

Festival of Small Halls featuring the Mae Trio and Del Barber

What makes a folk concert different? Seeing Victoria’s Mae Trio and Canada’s Andy Brown recently in a Festival of Small Halls concert in Eudlo, brought this to mind.

Enjoying the beautiful performance of the Mae Trio – exquisite 3 part female harmonies, 7 instruments shared expertly amongst the girls and smooth changeovers certainly impressed me at a technical level. And I definitely appreciated the fine songwriting with lyrics that try to say something meaningful or more often tell a story. And the icing on the cake and only found at a live concert, is having the opportunity to hear the stories associated with the songs – not essential to an appreciation of the music by any means, but often a fascinating insight into the creative process and what might spark an imaginative response from an artist.

For example, Andy Brown responded to the death of a close friend who suffered from a mental illness with a song he called Myth in which he presented his friend’s angle that “happiness is just a myth”, but in the heartfelt chorus implored the sufferer not to give up because “you’re never alone”.  I know how hard it must be for him to sing that song, when it is so personal, but perhaps it is part of his cathartic process where through his performance he releases that pent up hurt. The final pleasure at this concert for me was during Andy’s last two songs where he brought the Mae Trio on stage to sing harmonies with him in a wonderful version of a Neil Young song and a number of his own. That to me is one of those special things that often happens at a live performance with quality artists… welcome surprises do take place!

And now for the good news. The Festival of Small Halls is travelling further and may well be at a hall near you! For example on Thursday December 11 at 7pm at Beerwah Community Hall (the lovely hall which is part of the library complex at Beerwah).

You will have the opportunity to hear the Mae Trio and Canadian singer songwriter Del Barber. I wasn’t aware of Del’s work but did a quick search on You Tube and was knocked out by the quality of his work.  Here is an artist who has travelled much and displays a keen insight into human eccentricities witnessed in the songs found on the four albums he has released. Have a listen to 62 Richmond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yKAiSfUpJc

He is a very special artist, and the Mae Trio? Well, I bought their album, and that is a good indication  – at least to me, that I was impressed with what they did. 

Tickets for this concert are available online at the Festival of Small Halls 2014 Summer Tour, or ring 5496 1066 for further ticketing advice.


PS If you’re in Glasshouse Mountains vicinity put the afternoon of Sunday December 14 aside as well. More news later!

dr michael whiticker
composer, recording and live sound engineer, performer, producer, mentor, video maker, educator, music and event facilitator

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