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Interesting – if we all did it, we being a list of 240 that this email goes out to – if we all did, we would be nearly at the 1/2 way mark to a new political party – can we do it…….can’t do it any worse one would think!   xx Shez

Dear Musician Friends,
Apologies if you’ve already received this information from another source. This is an opportunity to show that voters do care about the arts! Normally I tend not to get too involved in politics myself, but when I think of the frustrations of surviving as a musician in this country, there is definitely a need for a strong voice for the arts in this country.
In order to become a registered political party there must be 500 members, which is the reason for free memberships if you join before January 1. If you are a Queensland voter, please consider helping to get the Arts Party off the ground in Queensland.
The Arts Party of Australia
As of 1st January 2015, the fees for joining the Arts Party will rise. Full membership will increase to $40 ($20 currently) and Student membership will increase to $20 ($10 currently).

Free state memberships in Queensland will also cease on 1st January 2015, meaning that Full or Student membership will become the only options for joining the party.

If you are not yet a member, there has never been a better time to join the Arts Party.

You should also let your friends know, the ones who might be fence sitting around joining,especially if they’re in Queensland. Forward them this email!

If you are already a member, you will not be affected by these price rises until your current membership period expires, which is at least two years away.

Thanks for reading,

The Arts Party National Executive

The Arts Party

The Arts Party of Australia · Australia
You can also keep up with The Arts Party on Twitter or Facebook.


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