Hat Fitz & Cara

Hat Fitz and Cara

Music That Is Blessed With That”Old Timey” Feel And Flavour
Verriedale Full Moon Dance
Saturday, February 28 2015
Greetings Folks,

I hope this finds you all in fine fettle, would like to keep you up to date with the latest movements of the Listening Post and ourselves.

As you know we were lucky enough to be chosen to represent Australia in the International Blues Challenge this year taking place in Memphis, home of BB Kings Blues Bar, Al Green’s tabernacle church, Elvis’s Graceland and Gus’s Chicken house which is a must!

Here’s a wee TV clip from America’s Ditty TV where we perform live “POWER“from our Wiley Ways album, hope you enjoy.
We made it into the semi finals competing with over 250 bands which was a buzz and a half. “Ah well ya can’t win em all”.

More bum and blowing here as have just found out we won the Chain Awards for best female vocal 2015. Thanks for all those supportive words of encouragement, much appreciated.

So back safely on home turf we would like to share with you a few things that are going on in and around these parts, for instance, if you would like to come to the Verriedale Full Moon Dance on the 28th of February, just click the link for details.

We would have liked to have had Jeff Lang play at our Listening Post, but we can’t argue with the Full Moon Dance and the good news is that Jeff Lang, along with ourselves, is playing there with an amazing band from Africa.

So you see it’s all kinda worked out grand as they say around here “too easy”

We will however have another event at the Listening Post for sure but it will be later in the year and you will be the first to know.

And to think its nearly a year since we launched “Do Tell”which you can purchase on line just by clicking on the link.

We would like to, as always, thank you for your support as without you we would not be putting these events together where we share the space with like minded souls in and around the love of music and have a Phat time I may add.

So a big thankyou and without further ado, to check the dates that we play in Australia just click on our web site.

With all our best and safe along the way,

Hat and Cara


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