Musos at Montville Thurs 19 March

The Musos is on again at Montville this coming Thursday, March 19.

The Musos had a perfect Sunday afternoon’s weather at our coffee gardens this week. We didn’t have a lot of performers but the audience was certainly appreciative of what they heard.

Doug Pullen began the afternoon and gave us new song (for us) in Tom Rush’s The Modern Yuppie Blues. It is very funny and if you have ever wondered where your memory has gone or is going (and who hasn’t) then please check out this one online. It is great for a chuckle.

Ian B MacLeod followed and his professionalism and standard of performance as always is second to none. Ian must have a vast repertoire stored away in the recesses of his mind, as he seems to constantly have new songs for us and there is never a songbook in front of him. On this occasion, ably joined by Doug on bass, we heard Slim Whitman, Tex Williams, Frank Ifield and Carl Perkins and he showed, with his vocal and guitar playing inThat’s Allright Mama, that when it comes to rockabilly, he is probably one of the best you’ll hear live.

Barry Bickel knocked everyone over when he opened the case of his extraordinary harp guitar. Made especially for him by Michael Palm, it is an amazing looking instrument – along with the standard guitar neck there an additional acoustically enhanced neck with 5 extra bass strings. Barry included a beautiful version of Here Comes the Sun, and an original – Let it Go, in his set, written especially for the harp guitar. He later joined Doug and I for a set and showed what a flexible guitarist he is moving from Hank Marvin and Mark Knopfler songs to John Denver accompaniments with ease, and taking very tasteful solos while at it.

Barbara Ramadge Ross joined the Musos for an a cappella set and produced 3 songs I didn’t know, which probably says something about me, as everyone else seemed to be happily singing along with her celebration of St Patrick’s Day with some Irish numbers. She also included Ron Sexsmith’sFallen in her set. It is a lovely song but I think her performance would gain from a guitar’s accompaniment and I do encourage her to bring a chord chart along next time for someone to play – even if just to break up the unaccompanied songs.

Mary Martin with her warm smile is a pleasure to see and hear on any occasion. She brought along something new for us on this day with a Miley Cyrus version of Jolene. This song leaves plenty of room for harmonies (in anyone’s version), so I chimed in with a part as did Doug and most of the audience, and we all had a heck of a lot of fun in the process. Thank you Mary.

I also had some pleasure sharing the stage with good friend Mark Bancroft on harmonica. We belted out (versions of) Ray Charles, Gerry Rafferty and Chuck Berry songs in our set. I used the baritone guitar which gives an extra rich bass sound, and once Doug chimed in on bass we really were the ‘fat bottomed boys”.

The Musos is on again at Montville this coming Thursday, March 19. With its comfortable open outdoor space and well placed stage the venue has impressed everyone who has come along to our past two shows at Montville’s Wild Rocket. If you are based in the city and looking for an excuse for a lovely drive then they don’t get better than this: head to Beerwah, and Peachester then take Bald Knob Rd (bring your camera with you). Go some way toward Maleny before taking the Montville turn off for the last 15 minutes of the trip. My recommendation is to do it late afternoon and get to Montville at about 5.30 or 6pm in time for a relaxing coffee or a drink then an early dinner and a play with the Musos from 6.30pm. It’s an extraordinary drive with the reward of some great food, locally brewed beer and a variety of music to end the day. It doesn’t get much better than that!


dr michael whiticker
composer, recording and live sound engineer, performer, producer, mentor, video maker, educator, music and event facilitator

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