Singing venue for Brisbane

Attention Folk Family and Friends
I have discovered what I believe is a fabulous venue for we Folkies to sing, perform, and or hold sessions.  It’s at Coorparoo –  313 Old Cleveland Road and is called Vintage Kitchen & Vintage Closet  Cafe.
I have spoken to the owners Naomi & Darren Barker to see if they would be open to the idea of having folk singers/musos using their cafe space and they seemed really keen on the idea.  So if anyone is looking for such a place check it out!   Cheers Christine VW
Their contact details are as follows:
Naomi:    0411 558 712
Darren:   0424 442 121

Christine Venner-Westaway

Folk Singer
” If you don’t fight against a rotten thing, you become part of it.”   – Joan Baez 1941-
“There’s only one thing better than singing, and that’s more singing!”  – Ella Fitzgerald 1917-1996

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