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February 2015         
Welcome to the latest Loose Acoustic newsletter. We at Loose Acoustic have decided to focus our main efforts on Boutique Music Retreats and support services to retreat participants and tutors. To go along with this change of focus we will be developing new look website, logos etc. As always we appreciate your feedback so we can continue to provide what you want.
Below you’ll find some updates on Winterbreak, our first FREE DRAW WINNER and a fabulous new opportunity for musicians in South East Queensland.
Yippeeeeee We have a winner! 

the first of three free places at Winterbreak 2015 has been finalised


Congratulations to Terri Rowe

For those who missed out, worry not there will be another two places drawn soon. To make your planning easier and to save you nerves, we have decided to draw the next two free places on the 9th of March. Soooooo, if you haven’t entered the draw DO IT NOW! just send us your name and email.


Just in from Christine Collister, to give you an idea of what she’ll be covering in the Winterbreak singing/performance workshops.
“I’ve been singing all my life and absolutely LOVE it! I want to share my enthusiasm and thirty plus years as a professional performer to help you become more confident and relaxed about all things singing!

We’ll look at what unnerves us and what helps us ease into a performance and bridge the gap with tried and tested exercises – relaxation techniques; visualisation; meditation and more.We’ll sing a mix of up-beat, positive and melancholy songs to really bring out our ability to connect with the feeling behind every song we sing – helping us choose more wisely the songs that best suit our individual vocal range and personality plus.

We’ll experiment a little with some ancient mantra to really get into the flow and establish a better connection to our own voices. I’d like you to bring along a song you’d love to have a go at and we’ll do as many as possible through the course of the retreat, incorporating what we learn as we go.We will have a whole heap of fun along the way too! So bring a song and bring your smile and we’ll SING the rooftops off together! Winter Break is going to be FAB!”
We will give insights to other workshops in the next update.

Not Registered yet!
You still have  time to get the “not so early bird” price to secure your place at Winterbreak. It’s a steal at $899.00 (a saving of $100 on the full price) but this offer is only here till the 30th March. To make it less painful, you can make 5 payments of $187.00, we will charge your credit card on the 1st of each month.
Go to your registration form



Get more details on Loose Acoustic here. Or any queries, call us on
 0403 124 200

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