Singing Workshops: Gold Coast & Brisbane

Hi Everyone

To sing and speak from your whole body is an amazing experience, empowering, opening, a reminder who we really are underneath all the tension, and anxiety of everyday life.
To sing and speak with your heart supports and revitalises your expression with everything …  your work, your relationships and with your connection to yourself.
I am looking forward to seeing you at workshops,
in the Gold Coast in April 
and Brisbane in May
I am in the UK at the moment, running courses throughout Europe … some great concerts and workshops happening as you can see from the pics
some feedback from one participant. . . 

I have just been on the most amazing workshop in Surrey ‘Discover Your Natural Voice ‘with Chris James ( both singing and speaking). The course has really helped me to build confidence in myself. I am learning to develop and  trust my connection to my heart, so that I can learn to express from the true me, and not the me that the outside world expects me to be. What a revelation!The course was fun, joyful, flowed beautifully, and we all felt so together. Trusting that we all have our own unique expression and yet we are all connected. A lot of my cobwebs have been blown away. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you get the chance to go on a workshop with Chris, and want to work on your expression whilst having fun as well ,then don’t hesitate! … Sue Goodson.
As the words of the song from our latest album Return To Love go … “All rise and be heard” … so we felt to send you the song as well. ( PS Play it loud 🙂
with lots of Love


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