Fundraising for Bust a Move

Hi Everyone – this email is in support of one of our folk family, Anne Leahy and her son Sam – Anne & Sam and her late husband John were quite involved in the Singing Shed – way back then!!

Sam and Anne have continued to be involved in Woodford FF and the folk scene in general.
Sam is involved with the organisation below that is funding ‘their dream’ – as we all know, each little bit helps – as a group, we all put in $10…….
so here is their story!

Guess what – we have hit $18,082 in our campaign!!!! This is wayyyy too incredible but like we mentioned last week, we still have a fair way to go!
Guys – we really want to hit our $30,000 tipping point by next week! We’ve already raised $18,000, lets do another $12,000 this week! 
Bust a Move Dance are a dance school for people with disabilities in Brisbane. They work with students of all ages across multiple dance genres and are proud to be working with students who have a wide range of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Deafness, Intellectual Impairments and physical disabilities to name a few. The team have recently been invited to perform at the World Special Olympics Games in July, their biggest achievement to date!

To support this dream of performing on the international stage, Bust a Move Dance have launched the crowd-funding campaign ‘Dancing Our Way to LA’ through the online platform Start Some Good, to bring 30 dancers (with and without disabilities) to LA to perform and share our message of inclusion.

Crowd funding allows people who want to make change, to share their vision and project on an online platform (in this case Start Some Good) in the hopes that people will make monetary donations to support their cause.  The catch? If they don’t hit their minimum tipping point, they won’t get a cent of the money pledged!

Dancing Our Way to LA is a project directed towards supporting young people with disabilities in achieving their goals, whatever they may be – in this case – to perform on the world stage.

Perceptions of people with a disability greatly affect their inclusion in their communities and their capacity to achieve basic goals.  But people with disability have the same right to achieve their personal goals and ambitions as the rest of the community and achieve the fullest possible quality of life.

I would love for you to check out their project and contribute in some way at:

Steps –
1. Join by creating an account
2. Search Keyword ‘Bust’ and click on Dancing Our Way to LA project link
3. Read about our incredible project and watch our video
4. Follow the steps to pledge your amount
5. Please share on all of your social networks once completed

Bust a Move have set their tipping point at $30,000 and I’m confident they can reach this with your support! I would love it if you could also forward this email onto your own family friends and networks to really spread the word!
Here are some ready-to-post links to share on your Facebook and Twitter too!


Check out Bust a Move Dance’s project #dancingourwaytola on Start Some Good! Share with your friends and contribute if you can so they can reach their goal of performing at the World Special Olympics!


Head to Bust a Move Dance’s project #dancingourwaytola and help them reach their goal of performing in LA!



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