Glasshouse Musos in July

First Sunday, Eudlo Hall 1 – 4pm
Third Sunday, Glasshouse Coffee and Tea Merchants 1 – 4pm
Second and fourth Saturday, Glo’s Kitchen, Beerburrum 1- 4pm.
First Friday (beginning October), Wild Rocket, Montville 6 – 9pm

Beerburrum Musos 11.7.15

Some unexpected pleasures awaited the Musos audience this last Saturday at Beerburrum, including the Law family who were in full bloom! We hadn’t had the opportunity to hear 12 year old Rowena Law before but here she was skilfully singing harmonies and playing flute, initially with her sister Hazel in a duo set, then later with the full family of five in a fantastic version of one of Karen’s songs  – Plant a Seed (my apologies if that is not the actual title, Karen). David law, who we too rarely hear at the Musos, did a particularly firm job anchoring the number with his didjeridoo part. Complete with full 3 part harmonies from the 4 singers – Karen, Murray, Hazel and Rowena, this was a fabulous performance.

Other newcomers to the Musos included a very impressive ukulele duo, Tricia and Bill. Led by vocalist Bill, but ably supported by Tricia’s solid harmonies, they are competent uke players who make a great sound together. I noticed they were both playing small ukes (from memory sopranos) and if I might be so bold I’d encourage either of them to take up a tenor or even baritone uke to give greater variety to the colours they can make. Maybe that’s just to accommodate my taste, as it’s no complaint about what they did with they had. Perhaps they enjoy the discipline of working with a slightly more limited palette?

The Musos also welcomed back performers we haven’t heard in a while. Old friend Paul Fagan gave us a fun set accompanied by Doug on bass and Mike Duggan on cajon, and also joined in on guitar with Rob Goodwin in his set of mostly Paul Kelly songs. Bluegrass fan Allen Shaw gave us a medley of Aussie folk classics on his banjo which included The Lachlan Tigers and Ryebuck Shearer.

And Gerry O’Regan, accompanied by Brett T Hall on a big sounding ukulele bass, was in great vocal form is his set. Gerry, who has one of those warm baritone voices that almost too comfortably fits his repertoire, is a very fine guitarist who has mastered the knack of playing the melodic lines to his songs while flat picking his chords. (I’m jealous – great playing Gerry!)

A similar sound is heard in Evan Mathiesons’ autoharp playing  – big strong chords being struck with the melody singing clearly through the middle of all this lovely jangling noise (and I mean that in a positive sense, it is such a glorious, resonant din). I especially enjoyed Evan’s performance of Archie Fisher’s The Witch of the Westmorland.

Barbara Ramadge-Ross timed in with a set of train poems and songs, including the classic from the 60s – 500 Miles, which particularly suited her vocal style and which she sang a cappella (or perhaps there was the occasional train that passed to accompany her?).

Other regulars Maxine Chisholm, Mary Martin, and Doug Pullen were in great form in this very pleasant afternoon’s music at Beerburrum.  And Gloria of course did herself proud with a fine range of tasty and moderately priced food that successfully complemented the entertainment.

The Musos is on again next Sunday at our Glasshouse coffee garden from 1pm and we hope some of might get along and join us there. It is rumoured a colleague or two from the Winterbreak Music Retreat will make the journey for this one so I’m especially looking forward to that!


Glasshouse Musos
First Sunday, Eudlo Hall 1 – 4pm
Third Sunday, Glasshouse Coffee and Tea Merchants 1 – 4pm
Second and fourth Saturday, Glo’s Kitchen, Beerburrum 1- 4pm.
First Friday (beginning October), Wild Rocket, Montville 6 – 9pm

dr michael whiticker
composer, recording and live sound engineer, performer, producer, mentor, video maker, educator, music and event facilitator


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