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Hi all,

One of the joys of my role as a 612 ABC Brisbane Community Correspondent is shining the light on local musicians, and wow you lot have some stories to tell!

Here’s a couple that have aired in the last week.
If you’re a local Brisbane muso with a great yarn to share – let me know.

Ann Leung  

This amazing story from Lisa Richards had the ABC producers very excited and has been flicked off to Radio National, and other regional stations for more airplay.

`Music saved my life’ – former NQ delinquent tours for 22 years, releases five albums



Music quite literally saved Lisa Richards’ life. And what a life story she can tell.

Her mum was a concert pianist – yet playing a musical instrument was forbidden in the family.

Lisa describes her upbringing as ‘feral’ and says she was a ‘delinquent’ by age 14.

Fast-forward to today and the Queensland-born singer has been touring for 22 years – based in New York and Texas. And she’s released five albums.

Now Lisa Richards is back home in Queensland, running singing workshops in Kelvin Grove July 25, Southport July 26 and Kenmore August 8-9

612 ABC Brisbane Community Correspondent Ann Leung caught up with Lisa to hear how singing saved her from a path of self-destruction.


Southeast Queensland’s answer to Johnny Cash and June Carter


You know how Johnny Cash and June Carter famously performed two concerts at Folsom Prison? Well southeast Queensland’s own Cash and Carter are performing at Folk Redlands this weekend. They are Mt. Cotton husband & wife duo “Mister Chuck and Missy Chrissy”.

How did it all start for them? Well, HE was a “little bit country”, and she was a “whole lot rock ‘n roll” and they used to meet in the old rotunda at Highgate Hill to swap riffs in the evening air.


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