Folk Choir and date claims

New Folk Choir term starts Thurs 8 October.

Hello lovely Folk Singers,

This week is the start of our new term!

The term runs from Thursday 8 October to Thursday 10 December

This term we have some great work to do! We are polishing up a set of songs for our concert, Flying Fiddles and Soaring Voices II, at the Danish Club on November 15. There will be a selection of new and old songs for the concert, and you are invited to participate in the songs you know. If you haven’t been to choir for a while, but you’d love a sing, come and rehearse the ones you used to know and be in the concert! It will be a lot of fun.
This week has brought some sad news. My father, Robert Murray, died suddenly in an accident at home, and I am in Townsville organising his funeral. Many people have sent me their good wishes and I would like to thank you all for your support. The good news for Folk Choir is that the wonderful Rebecca Wright is taking the choir’s opening night(with the assistance of the marvellous Donald McKay) and so the first night will be a great run through of the songs Bec and Donald taught in Term 2, which will be in the concert.
There will be another highlight this term; I have invited shanty king and queen Lonnie Martin and Dave McBadger to lead a night of shanty singing on Thursday 5 November. I will be in Victoria for Maldon Folk Festival and a Cloudstreet concert, but I wish I could be there for the shanty night, as it will be huge fun and harmony heaven. It would be a good night to bring a friend who likes a good, irreverent sing! There may be pirate hats.
If you would like to pay in advance for the whole term, the ten weeks comes at the concession price of $120. You can pay in cash or do a direct deposit, and those details are below.

If you are attending casually, the full price is $15 per session.

Emma’s theory class, which normally happens before Folk Choir, is taking two weeks off while Emma travels to Canada to attend the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, where she is presenting a paper. Go Emma!

Have a wonderful sing on Thursday.

warm wishes


Date claims

8 Oct        New term starts at Red Hill Community Sports Club, Fulcher Road. 7.15pm – 8.45pm

5 Nov    Shanty Night with Lonnie and Dave

15 Nov    The Folk Choir and the Brisbane Celtic Fiddle Club join forces for a great night of entertainment when we stage “Flying Fiddles and Soaring Voices II” at the Danish Club, Austin St, Newstead.

27 Nov    The Wish List (my band with Emma Nixon) and special guests play a Sing Out Sista concert at Bemac, Kangaroo Point. The theme is Scottish, it will be bonny night.

10 Dec    Last choir for the year.


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