Magda Community Artz

Friends, you will have noticed we’ve been dropping more and more event notices into your inbox – and we hope you’re OK with that!

Frankly, we’re delighted so many astonishing performers are lining up to perform here!

And with our newly minted web-site you can keep up-dated, without our emails. (See the front page at the bottom of this note. And a huge thanks to Jeanelle who put in a massive couple of months building the web-site. J, you’re wonderful!)


*  cruise around it and let us know what you think – especially the blog. You’ll see how extensive our program has been! And heaps has happened that isn’t in the blog!

*  keep in mind our electronic skills are pretty basic and we haven’t learned how to twiddle all the knobs and whistles – yet!
Fortunately, a social media genie has just appeared to help out as well.

We have:

*  established working relationships with an enormous range of people, performers, artists and community groups.
*  a huge range of fantastic events in the pipeline, ranging across a very broad spectrum of music, theatre and all sorts of workshops.

*  a pretty clear idea of how we want it to keep progressing, but we will be making shout-outs for help! (We could do with an electrician pronto!)

Where to?

We think we have been very successful in developing a wonderful community resource – but it doesn’t mean the path ahead is plain sailing!

Many of you know we had a determined attempt by the Council to prevent us from doing anything here at all.
Thanks to lots of people – including tens of thousands of dollars worth of legal assistance, pro bono!! – we’ve had some success – including a ruling in the Planning & Environment court (July 2014).

However, we are concerned there are trolls lurking.

We think everyone has a fundamental right to develop themselves, grow their music, their art, their culture – in fact, who they are! – in a responsible and reasoned manner of their OWN choosing, without being pinned to the lowest common denominator of bureaucratic tub-thumping machismo (masquerading as neighbourhood pettiness and angst perhaps?) or corporate cherry picking.

Any reasoned assessment of who comes here, how people and the venue conduct themselves and the depths of what’s on offer (as per our web-site), highlights our bona fides.
But as well all know, the world doesn’t always work openly, honestly and rationally.
We hope you’re enjoying being part of the Magda community. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Catch you here again – soon! Here’s to it!

Ciao, Mervyn 0400 497 422


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