Free sound workshop

Folk Redlands is offering members a FREE Workshop
on how to set up and operate the sound desk for live performances.

Would you like to learn a new skill and help Folk Redlands at the same time?

In late February, professional Sound guy and musician Lee Nelson  will be running a short course in setting up and running a sound desk.

When you complete the course, you will be equipped to:

 –  Set up the Sound Desk, Speakers, Foldbacks & Microphones
–  Twiddle the dials and EQ the sound for a live performance

If this sounds a little technical, don’t worry, Lee will demystify the technical jargon. The precise details are yet to be confirmed, however we expect the workshop will take two afternoons to complete.

This workshop is being offered FREE to Folk Redlands members, in the hope that at some point, you might volunteer to operate the sound desk “live” at a Folk Redlands event, initially under the supportive gaze of Lee or one of our other regular sound techs.

We will provide mentorship, so that, when you feel comfortable, you’ll be able to fly solo.

If you’re not a member, you can join up for $5 and still participate.

If you are interested in learning this skill and becoming more involved in Folk Redlands,
please initially email Colin Nightingale:

We’ll put you on the list and contact you nearer the event with details of the date and time.


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