Tonight in Beerwah!

Glasshouse Musos
Every Tuesday Beerwah Hotel, 7 – 10pm
First Sunday of the month, Eudlo Hall 1 – 4pm

The Glasshouse Musos are back on this coming Tuesday, January 19 from 7 to 10pm at Beerwah Hotel.

We’ve now had the last two Tuesdays at Beerwah and this has given us the opportunity to tune our sound for the room. 

Everyone seems impressed with what they are hearing and the standard of musicianship and music is high, so we are happy with the way the gig is going. And our attendances have been very good so thank you everyone for your support.

This last session we had performances from Jon Brown (thanks for the Bowie songs Jon – he’ll be missed), Tommy Leonard, Ian Williams, Julian Munyard, Louise Munyard, Rob Goodwin and Paul Fagan, Mary Martin, Ash Ogilvie, Doug Pullen, Gavin and Tina Davidson with Brett Hall, and Mike Duggan, Geoff Hillier and Doug Pullen accompanied some of the acts as a rhythm section. Our CD award for the week goes to Tommy Leonard for his heartfelt performances. Thank you Tommy, we’re sure you will enjoy Roey Fitzpatrick’s 2014 album, Diamonds and Rain.

As we will be at Beerwah Hotel on Tuesday Jan 26, we’ll offer a theme night and guess what, we’ll make it Australiana. That’s a pretty open book as far as I am concerned – if you have written something on Australian shore for example, I reckon that should get a guernsey!




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