Dangerous Song 25th Feb

coming to Brisbane
with Linsey Pollak (animal calls)
and Lizzie O’Keefe (voice)
wrap around projections by Bonnie Jenkins

1 Show Only!

Thurs 25th February,  7pm
Diane Cilento Studio, Qld Theatre Co,

78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane

Tickets $20 & $15(conc)
limited seating, so BOOK NOW:  click here

Don’t miss this new collaboration between Linsey PollakLizzie O’Keefe and Bonnie Jenkins. Fresh after two weeks of Creative Development – It’s a musical journey that takes us into a world of sound where the human and the animal combine, a sort of sonic morphing. This sonic world is mirrored by the visual morphing of the natural world using projections on a screen that wraps around the performers. It’s a cross-species exploration using sound and image.


Linsey plays animal calls using a midi wind controller where breath, lip pressure and fingering control real animal call samples, and these are combined with the amazingly beautiful voice of Lizzie O’Keefe, an incredibly versatile singer with an unbelievable range and diversity.


“I’m not sure I have the words to describe the sublime music that emanates from the amazing partnership of Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O’Keeke. Their concert last night at the Cooroora Institute, “Dangerous Song”, celebrated and mourned and played with the sounds of many endangered animals with live looping and voice (but oh, what a voice!). Their project transported us all to places around the globe. Our souls yearn for this more-than-human understanding: from the trillion microbes that inhabit our bodies, to the millions of insects that dance around us, the birds that trill and call in our trees, through to all the rare and endangered sounds of animals across the planet. The moments of contemplative silence before the applause and the standing ovation at the end begins to tell you something of the marvels of the sound”.

– Tamsin Kerr 13/12/15


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