Glasshouse Musos this week

The Glasshouse Musos will be at Beerwah Hotel this Tuesday, February 23 from 7 to 10pm.

Glasshouse Musos
Every Tuesday Beerwah Hotel, 7 – 10pm
First Sunday of the month, Eudlo Hall 1 – 4pm

Thank you to everyone who came along to the session this last week. It was a super night, the more so for me as I was using our new Nexo PA speakers and amps for the first time and how beautifully smooth and clean they sounded. Someone commented that it made the music sound more acoustic, which I thought was very perceptive – these are accurate speakers.

We had a wonderful array of performers for this event. The sublime harmonies of Aliza led the way along with Mr Jim’s Dogleg Band, who are old friends of the Musos but in a new package – and one that is showing a lot of promise! The Scots were in a dominating mood with every second performer tracing their roots back there (even yours truly has a Scottish grandparent!) so newcomer John Clark was not out of place in his first impressive showing at the Musos, joined by Sue Jones for one song. Roey Fitzpatrick played a lovely solo set and joined Kaf, Scoobs and Col of Mr Jim…, Sue Forson, Rob and Glynn of Aliza, Karen Harris, Chris Pickering, Glenn Major, Mary Martin, Dennis Green, Mike Duggan, Geoff Hiller, Doug Pullen and Ian B MacLeod, all of whom made for a big night of great music at the Musos!

Our weekly CD Award goes to Chris Pickering for the great sound he made leading the very nice Musos rhythm section – thanks Doug, Geoff and Mike. We’re sure Chris will enjoy Evan Mathieson’s very lovely homage to Harry Robertson – the CD Harry’s Legacy. 



Glasshouse Musos
Every Tuesday Beerwah Hotel, 7 – 10pm
First Sunday of the month, Eudlo Hall 1 – 4pm

dr michael whiticker
composer, recording and live sound engineer, performer, producer, mentor, video maker, educator, music and event facilitator


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