Canadian/Australian folk show

The East Pointers and The Mae Trio

at The Old Museum, Fortitude Valley

Saturday 2 April

Show time 7.30pm

Doors open 7.00pm

In the Studio

“The East Pointers, a three-piece jigs-and-reels band from Canada, have this way of over-revving their engine to implosion point and then, just before the musical catastrophe eventuates, they re-lease the handbrake and their machine screams off with heart-stopping momentum. You see it as much as hear it, because at that exhilarating moment when banked-up pressure converts into raw artistic energy, biblical numbers of people are transformed into ground-stomp-ing, elated dervishes, sending a swirling cloud of dust so high that it resembles a primal geological event. (The Australian, January 2015)

While The Australian was indeed talking about the performances of The East Pointers at the Woodford Folk Festival (where in 2015 they became the festival’s top selling artists two years in a row) they could almost have been describing the band’s follow up show at the Old Museum. The East Pointers are joined by rising stars of the Australian folk scene, The Mae Trio in an evening that will build beautifully from sweet folk harmonies into a raucous trad dance party. Music for listening, music for dancing, music for life.

Details and tickets here.








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