Folk Choir is back for 2017

The Folk Choir sings again, this Thursday 2 February.

Hello, lovely Folk Singers!
It’s the start of a new year of singing, and only a week to wait until we can lift our voices in delicious harmony together.

Yes, The Folk Choir starts on Thursday 2 February, at 7.15-8.45pm, at Red Hill Community Sports Club, 22 Fulcher Rd, the usual venue. Come a bit early, it can be very busy on day one, and we always appreciate a hand setting out the chairs and the supper things, and having a good catch up.

This term will run for 10 weeks, taking us up to Easter. If you would like to pay for the whole term upfront, saving yourself a little bit of money and fuss, the term fee is $120, and the direct deposit details are below. If you prefer to be flexible and attend casually, it is $15 per session. Do bring along friends who have been wanting to join a choir, especially if they love folk music! The start of the year is a great time to join.

I’m looking forward to embarking on some lovely new songs, reviving some of our old favourites, and singing with you!

For the last two weeks, my computer hasn’t been functioning, and I am having a lot of trouble accessing my email. If you wish to get in touch, try messaging me on the Folk Choir Facebook page, or email me at, which I can still access. Hopefully my computer will be fixed this week….

See you soon!
Regards, Nicole


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