Magda Community Artz shows

Dear Friends of Magda’s, as supporters of the eclectic line-up of performers and artists that grace the stage at Magda’s, you’ll know just what an incredible year 2016 was.

But – if you want to know a secret: this year is going to blow us all away.
With something like 26 events lining up between mid-Feb and mid-November – and goodness only knows who will appear out of the ether wanting to perform! – we reckon 2017 is going to be even more extra-ordinary.

Please support us! Please buy tickets and come along!

Please do all the social media stuff – so as to get us in front of the people you know who would be interested.

And here’s the next couple of events. Grab your diary now!

Keep an eye on our events page: #eventbooking

Like us on facebook. Support live acoustic music at its’ finest.


Please pre-book your tickets! Looking forward to seeing you here. Feel free to email or call. Here’s to it! Mervyn

Sunday Feb 12th St Valentine’s Day Para Voce with Kay Sullivan (accordian), Peter Freeman (double bass); Dave Burrows (guitar) and guest vocalist: Stephanie Dick.

Doors: 2.30 for 3pm start.

Sunday 12th March, 2.30: Robert (Bomber Perrier): “Water and Wine” A fundraiser for Hope Street Music Group.
With Dave Maguire and Pearly Black. Tickets:

Satuday 18th Feb: “Australia Day” with Mates Theatre Genesis
BBQ from 6.15; Performance: 7.30pm
Cast includes Jan Nary and Ann Leung!
Australia Day” sees the country town of Coriole getting ready – a time to crack open a tinnie, whack a snag on the barbie and celebrate what it means to be “strein” . Change is in the air for this true-blue country town – but the locals aren’t having any part of it.
In this delightful comedy, Australia Day, writer Jonathan Biggins takes an irreverent poke at the archetypal Australian character, producing some hilarious moments while at the same time addressing many of the social issues that dog our country. It makes for great theatre!

Saturday 25th Feb, “Folk at Magda’s” 6.30: Blackboard Artists; Headliners: 7.30pm

Guests: Christine Venner-Westaway and Hailey Calvert

Saturday 18th March, 7.30pm: Brisbane International Guitar Festival, 2017: Fret 1
You can sit within 3m of world class classical guitarists in their only Brisbane performance! v=EvVXVnh15kQ

Saturday 25th March, 7.30pm: “The Sounds of Nowruz – A Celebration of Iranian New Year, Music and Culture” with Shirin Majd


Sunday 12th February, 3pm: Para Voce

“Australia Day” By Jonathan Biggins, performed by Mates Theatre Genesis:
Saturday 18th February: Doors close, 7pm
Saturday 25th feb, 6.30pm: Folk at Magda’s with Hailey Calvert and Christine Venner-Westaway. Blackboard artists from 6.30pmSunday 12th March, 2.30: Robert (Bomber Perrier): “Water and Wine” A fundraiser for Hope Street Music Group.

Saturday 18th March, 7.30pm: Bisbane International Guitar Festival  with Johannes Moller and Laura Fratecilli

Saturday 25th March, 7.30pm: “Sounds of Nowruz – A Celebration of Iranian New Year, Music and Culture with Shirin Majd

Mervyn Langford, Artistic Director.

Magda Community Artz & Brisbane International Guitar Festival
0400 497 422



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